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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas @ The Mudd's

Christmas is our absolute favorite time of year, in fact we love Christmastime so much we got married on December 30th. We actually put up our decorations the first week in November. We love to do this because our December gets so busy with hosting Christmas parties and decorating other places and doing events it makes sense for our family,  Christmas goes by way too quick so we like to enjoy the holiday as long as we can. Each of our kids have their own trees in their rooms. It is their favorite thing to do when we bring out all the bins. They each get a bin that is theres and they set up and decorate their own. It's not decorated perfect, but has each of their own touch to their tree. We spend hours decorating, listening to Christmas music, drinking hot cocoa and enjoying some special treats. Another thing we started to do a few years ago was Advent. My mom bought us a big Advent calendar house that has doors on it. For each day we put a piece of paper in the door with instructions of what we are doing special for the day. This year we chose to do 25 days of Random Acts of Kindness. I was inspired by a girl on Pinterest that did this for her birthday. I thought it would be so fun to do this with my family. Today is the first day and they are loving it already! We always try to do several things in December to help our kids realize its not about just getting, but "giving" and to remember the most important thing and that is the birth of our Christ! I'm really looking forward to decorating for other events, making treats and food throughout the month. I host Christmas every year for my side of the family and host several Christmas gatherings at our house. I love this time of year and pray that your families enjoy the holiday season!

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