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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party

Rainbow Looms are HUGE in our area! Over the summer my oldest daughter Alexia got really into Rainbow Looming with her friends. She decided over the summer that this was the theme she wanted for her 10th birthday party. We started going on Pinterest and looking on the Internet for ideas for her party. Some of the things she chose for her party: Rainbow Loom shirt, which I bought on Amazon, A Rainbow Cake and she chose other rainbow desserts. We made paper chains that we used to create a Rainbow Loom look. We scattered Rainbow Looms everywhere and accented with them on drink jars, napkin rings, and centerpieces. There was a separate Rainbow Looming Room set up where all the girls brought their kits and they Rainbow Loomed together. We also played Rainbow Loom games. In another room I scattered glow in the dark Looms and had the lights off and the girls had a race to see who could find the most Looms. We also had Rainbow Loom making contests. Each one of the girls received their own mini Rainbow Loom box engraved with their name & a bag of Rainbow Looms, which I purchased at Learning Express. This theme was SO much fun! The girls also received rainbow treats to take home too.  Some of the desserts I made were, a layered Rainbow cake, Rainbow M&M cookies, Sugar Cookies, Cake pops, Chocolate covered pretzels, Oreo Pops, Fruit cups, Rainbow licorice with marshmallows. My mom was so sweet to make the Jello squares my daughter requested. Lastly, I had Lauren Haddox Designs create all my party printables, which brought the whole theme together. I hope you enjoy the pictures from my daughters Rainbow Loom theme birthday party.

Rainbow Layered Cake
Rainbow Treats

Cake Pops

Oreo Pops
Rainbow M&M Cookies
Rainbow Jello Squares
Fruit Cups

Drinks & Treats Station

Rainbow Licorice 
Drinks & Treats Station

Table & Favors
Mini Rainbow Loom box

Its Rainbow Loom Time!

Rainbow Looms everywhere!

Here is the glow in the dark Rainbow Looms we used for the game.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

All Star Sports BIrthday Party

We celebrated my son Cayden’s 8th birthday with an All Star Sports Theme party. He loves sports so this was the perfect theme for him. As I began to design and plan this party to be perfect for him I gathered a bunch of my favorite party ideas from Pinterest. I also contacted my favorite graphic designer and had Lauren Haddox Design create printables to tie the party theme together and personalize it.  I decided to use the colors red, green, blue, orange and accent with black & white stripes. I love incorporating real props so I gathered baseballs, footballs, basketballs and footballs from around our house and from neighbors. A good friend of ours works at a sports facility and he let us borrow so many sports items to add to the party. We were so grateful for him because it truly added to the entire party. Some of the decorations I made were the tissue tassel poms, the felt football field with iron on numbers and thick white ribbon for the yard line. My husband built the football post out of PVC pipes. It was another easy DIY project. We borrowed an old fashion hotdog stand and served stadium/ballpark food. For the dessert table I made sugar cookies, Oreo pops, cake pops, cupcakes, rice crispy treat pops, and chocolate covered strawberries.  I decorated all of them with the sports theme. We had the party at gymnasium where my husband coordinated sports during the party. The boys all had a BALL!