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Friday, August 18, 2017

Party like a Pineapple

Party like a Pineapple was the theme to this fun 8 year old birthday party. This party was so much fun and so easy to design and put together because pineapples are everywhere. This was a backyard party not only decorated with pineapple themed everything but, the games were all about pineapples. We found a pineapple piƱata with a pineapple bandana for the kids to blind fold. We played pass the pineapple with music. We used a pineapple and hide it in the yard and everyone went on a pineapple scavenger hunt. Pineapple relays, hula hoop contest and a giant slip n slide. Oh what fun!
We had a giant ice cream bar with ice-cream served in cut opened pineapples. Some other fun desserts was pineapple sugar cookies which I tried the famous Jenny Cookies recipe and technique, cake pops with the cutest pineapple sprinkles that I found at Michaels. The thank you gifts were adorable pineapple bracelets that I found at Five-Below store. We also added pineapple juice with pineapple paper straws along with pineapple treats. All printable were designed by Lauren Haddox Designs. They were the perfect addition to complete this fun Party like a Pineapple theme. Enjoy the party pictures!