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Monday, November 21, 2011

Night Owl theme Birthday Party for Alexia

This October my daughter Alexia turned 8. Since she LOVES sleepovers and staying up late more than anything we decided to do a "Night Owl" themed birthday party. I decorated each table as it was a bed, using quilts, sheets, pillows, and stuffed animals. On the tables I used alarm clocks, stuffed animals, owls, mini american girl doll bed, pictures, and cans decorated with owl scrap book paper. The treat bed table consisted of rice crispy ice cream cones, cake pops, Trix pops, fruit cups, cake batter drizzled cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate dipped marshmallows, and owl cupcakes. I did mason jars with sprinkles at the top for chocolate milk. Each girl had a personalized water bottle and a personalized water canister. I had a pita pizza making bar for the girls. Each room of my house was used for different salons for the girls. Our office was used as a nail and make up salon. The upstairs bathrooms were hair salons. The basement was decked out with Christmas lights and tissue balls everywhere. My husband put up 2 huge tents for the girls to sleep in. After the girls got their make up and nails done, they had a fashion show with their dress up outfits on. It was SO cute!! The girls ended the night with a movie. The next morning I made a big breakfast for the girls. They each got to take home a bag full of the treats I made along with a personalized box with a journal, lipgloss, fake nails, canister and candy. The girls had SO much fun! The party was a success! 

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  1. LOVE all the colorful goodies on the party table! The twinkle lights are always a fun touch to create that party atmosphere. Looks like an amazing party. Thanks for sharing! We've put up some more owl theme party ideas at Creative Party Themes. Come on by and take a peek! :)