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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marissa and Brandon's Wedding

Marissa and Brandon's wedding took place October 2010 in Colorado at her uncles ranch way up in the mountains. What a beautiful place to have a wedding!!! There was no need for tons of decorations when you have beauty all around! Dave had the honor of marrying them and I had the honor to be a bridesmaid and decorate and make the bouquets for their wedding. We had the most wonderful, relaxing, stress free time there. We love this couple! Marissa was a student of ours years back and now a dear friend! Dave was Brandon's pastor down in Springfield IL before we were married. It was such a joy to be able to share such a beautiful time with them. We are grateful for their friendship! I still can remember the day so vivid, Marissa is SO photogenic, ever picture of her was serious perfect! They were glowing! Still also remember while I was gathering pine cones and twigs outside of the ranch Brandon was up on this huge rock writing his vows to her. It was such a neat moment. One of my other favorite moments was during the ceremony at the end of the dock they stood reciting vows to each other and the vows from Brandon were so sweet made everyone cry. Loved how casual, laid back, stress free and beautiful this wedding was. We love you guys!!

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