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Monday, February 11, 2013

Strawberry Theme Birthday Party

This party was SO fun to create. My client's last name is Berry so she decided to go with the "Strawberry Theme" for her daughter Braelyn's 1st birthday party.  The adorable party printables designed for her party were done by Lauren Haddox Designs, you can click on her link and check out her site
She does a wonderful job! We went ahead and used red, pink, hot pink and green for the color scheme. We also threw in some patterns, stripes, polka dots and gingham. The desserts I created were, mini cheesecakes with chocolate strawberries on top, cupcakes were chocolate fudge and vanilla with buttercream frosting, strawberry shaped cake pops vanilla flavored, fruit skewers, Oreo pops,Chocolate covered strawberries, mini cupcakes and original chocolate and vanilla cake pops. We decided to do a photo shoot the day before the party with little Braelyn. This little girl is precious and I will share with you some of those adorable pictures from the photo shoot. Enjoy!!

Here is the table I designed for the birthday party:


  1. Wow! How beautiful and professionally done. What a great talent you have!:-)

  2. Love this! Where can I find the pink tablecloth, did you make it? I absolutely must have one like this :) Thank- you