Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stars Wars Theme Birthday Party

Over the weekend I was hired to throw a Star Wars theme birthday party for a little 5 year old boy Jadon. This was an easy theme for me to do because my son Cayden loves Star Wars and has so many props to use to decorate for it. The Star Wars dessert table was all made by me. The treats consisted of Light Saber pretzels, Wookie Cookies which were M&M cookies, Star Wars Rice crispy pops, Star Wars Cake Pops & cupcakes, Chocolate covered marshmallows and Death Ball Oreo Balls. I love using recycled things for my parties, so I used bunches of cans, glass Starbuck frap bottles and tons of treat cardboard boxes that I save from our food pantry in our house. I also reuse wrapping paper to wrap the boxes and use them as risers for the Star Wars props to sit on. I hand made the cake toppers by using scrap book paper and tooth picks and stickers. All of the cans had scrapbook paper wrapped around them with a Star Wars sticker placed on card stock on the front of them. Each of the kids had a name tag made with scrap book paper labeled "Jedi" then their name. The Starbucks frap bottles had scrap book and card stock and I printed their Jedi name on them with a striped star in them. I used Star Wars Ships and figurines everywhere. The games that were played were find the Star Wars figurines, pin the space ship, Star Wars bingo and a Darth Pinata. It was the perfect evening! The kids each received a light up light saber and a goodie bag of Star Wars desserts. I will list below the party in the making. Enjoy!

Here is the party in the making.....

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