Monday, March 19, 2012

Pokeman Treats

A couple of weeks ago I had an order for Pokeman Pikachu Cake Pops, Rice Crispy Poke Balls and a small Poke ball cake. This was the first time I have ever done anything Pokeman before. I did lots of research and found lots of visuals to use while creating the Pikachu cake pop to look exactly like he looks. The cake pops were a long process. I made the ears and tail out of candy melts. Once I designed the shape of the ears I let them dry then dipped the tip of the ears in dark chocolate. I also made the tails all separately, then allowed them to dry and dipped the tail in red just like the real Pikachu. After that was all created I made the cake pops, dipped them in yellow candy melts and added the ears then tail. Once the cake pops dried I hand painted the faces. After 4 hours they were complete! Was so happy with how they turned out! For the rice crispy poke balls I used a circle shape cookie cutter. Once all of them were cut out then I dipped each half in separate colors. After both sides dried I used black icing to complete them. For the birthday boy's own giant pokeman ball I just did a giant cake pop minus the cake pop stick. Covered it with candy melts. It was fun doing a theme that I have never done before. Thanks Amy for your order! Glad Grant had a great birthday! I will add the pictures below.

Here was the process:

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