Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Heidi & Sam's Wedding

July 2011 I had the honor of coordinating/ decorating for my dear friend Heidi's wedding in Minnesota. Talk about one organized bride, that is exactly what she was! From the very beginning she knew exactly what type of wedding she wanted. She gathered tons of vintage furniture, frames, jars, beads, buttons, shells and branches. We had so much fun creating the bridesmaid lanterns together and creating other decor for the wedding. Sam and Heidi worked together over several months preparing for the big day. They decided to get married on Sam's families farm in Princeton Minnesota. His family had the perfect land for an out door wedding. Months before they were chopping down trees, mowing trials to the ceremony site. They had a perfect vision of exactly what they wanted. When I arrived a few days before the wedding I was blown away at just how beautiful it was there. I saw several pictures along the way but nothing could've compared to being there in person. Everyone had been keeping an eye on the weather due to the entire wedding and reception being outdoors. Forecast all week was calling for major storms and high winds on the day of the wedding. Lots and lots of prayers were going on. Never did Heidi seem stressed or worried, but for me I was very nervous because I wanted the day she dreamed of to be perfect for them. The day of the wedding I was out setting up before sunrise and it was pouring rain with lots of wind. I did as much of the set up in the tent and in the barn as I could. As a couple hours past the weather was not looking too good. I was very worried at this point. Heidi came to see me in the tent that morning and was so calm, at that point if it were me I would've been a wreck especially with no back up plan and everything out doors and over 200 guests coming! She was perfect and positive! We all kept praying and believing for a miracle. Hours later the sun broke through the clouds and the entire day was absolutely perfect!! The wedding was perfect from start to finish! The bride was stunning! I had such an amazing time getting to do what I love to do! So thank you Heidi for flying me all the way to Princeton to do your wedding.  Praying for God's blessings upon your lives!