Monday, October 8, 2012

Spiderman Birthday Party

I had a blast putting together my son Cayden's 7th Spiderman birthday party. I have been collecting things over the past months to make it the perfect party for him.  The dessert's Cayden picked out for me to make were, sugar cookie Spiderman cookies, m&m cookies, Chocolate covered Oreo comic pops, Spiderman cupcakes and Spiderman cake pops. He also picked out popcorn, pizza, bread sticks, rock candy, gum balls, m&ms, and Sixlets. He has so many favorites. We found some fun games to play with the kids. I found a really cute idea on Bird's Party website where they had the kids do web spinning. So we had the boys all make their own webs out of paper plates and yarn, it was a hit!! I also purchased my printables for the party from Bird's Party website, and I loved them- thank you Birds party!  The other games we played were a spider hunt, we scattered a hundred of spiders in our backyard. We did a web war with silly string. They all had Spiderman masks and shot each other with silly string. The boys had a blast doing this! Another game we did was spider relay races. The boys had to get on all fours and race each other. It was so fun watching them do this. Spiderman freeze tag with a ball was another hit with the boys. I was thankful my husband Dave helped run all of the games. The party was a process to make. I first started collecting all types of empty boxes to use for the buildings I was going to make for the party. I have always used wrapped boxes for different risers for my dessert tables or for a base for my cake pops or some of my other desserts. While I was searching for ideas I saw Anders Ruff super hero party use wrapped boxes for buildings and thought it would be the perfect addition to my decoration scheme. I wrapped, cut, and glued tons of boxes with windows. I decorated jars and made comic signs with my spiderman printables and glued them onto paper straws. All my material is from Hobby Lobby. I made my sons name with Spiderman comics and bought cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby. All the favors were from Party City. I used mini lunch boxes and filled it up with all kinds of Spiderman toys and candy. Because Halloween is this month I had such an easy time finding, spiders, webs and anything to do with spiderman. I found the cutest black spiderweb tiers at Target, they went perfect with my theme. I'm so excited to share with you all of my pictures from the party. Enjoy!!!

Web Wars with silly string

Spiderman freeze ball tag

Spider Hunt

Spider relay races

The boys!

The party in the making...


My little helper




  1. Love these ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  2. oh i love everything about this party!! you are very talented, thanks for the great ideas. i was wondering what exactly it is you use to get your writing on the oreo pops so smooth, and as well as for the cookies, what kind of icing is it to get that smooth iced look . thank you

  3. Hi Natalie !
    I found some amazing spiderman wall stickers for the birthday of my son here :

    I thought you could add them here, it is really giving a nice touch to the walls easily, and it is really cheap !